About Us

Application performance analysis and optimization.  We can apply several coding techniques to help you optimize your applications and save you time and money.

SQL Databases with billions of records and multiple TebiBytes(TiB) of information.  No matter how much data you have or need, we can design the system to handle it efficiently.

Data recovery.  We can often recover data or information from deleted files, corrupt files on newer or archaic systems.  We can also provide usage statistics for machines in any condition, remove passwords from files or systems, recover lost or forgotten passwords. 

Security.  Think your network is secure?  Let us check it out.  It may surprise you how easy it is to get into areas you thought were secure.  We'll find those vulnerabilities and show you how to protect yourself.

PHP, Perl, JavaScript, JAVA and SQL backed web pages or complex configurations.  New applications development in JAVA, C/C++, and have experience in just about everything else.

Applying COTS and open source projects to various problems for efficiency, reliability and to free you from the cost of proprietary technology.

Design and implementation of real-time control with micro-second resolution and data acquisition systems with hundreds of channels at a combined 2-3 Msps or greater. 
Rest assured that whatever you need, we have the expertise to do it right.  Give us a call, and tell us what we can do for you. 

Contact us for a free initial consultation: sales@protonspring.com or give us a call at (435) 881-6820.